What dosages does Tramadol come in?

Tramadol is a very powerful medication and it is used to help you with pain that is caused by different conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia or restless legs syndrome. It is very important that you take Tramadol properly and how your doctor prescribed it to you. Of course, you should never start the treatment or adjust it on your own, but here are some information forms and dosages of Tramadol that might help you in case you feel confused.

Tramadol comes in two different forms and these are the immediate release tablets and the extended release tablets. When a tablet is immediately released it means that it dissolves very quickly in your stomach and becomes effective in a very short time after you have taken it. These tablets come in only one dose and this is a 50mg dose. As for the extended release tablets, as you my suppose, they need some more time to dissolve and the effect comes somewhat later than with the former tablets. The extended release tablets are usually prescribed to the patients who require a long and continuous treatment. These tablets come in three different doses and these are a 100mg dose, a 200mg dose and a 300mg dose. Of course, both kinds of tablets are taken orally with a glass of water, with or without food. However, it is very important that the extended release tablets must not be chewed or crushed, but swallowed whole.

Of course, your doctor will prescribe to you the dosage and the form that suits you and your condition. You should never do this on your own because there are many factors based on which your doctor will determine how much you should take. Some of these factors include your overall health, the severity of your condition or some other illnesses that you have suffered from and which might affect the efficacy of Tramadol.

You should also never take more than your doctor prescribed to you. In case you feel like the drug is not working for you, consult your doctor about it and they will tell you what to do, whether you need to increase the dosage and how much it should be increased. In try this on your own, it might happen that you take too much. In this case, you will only increase the risk of side effects and this is something you probably do not want.

In a nutshell, Tramadol comes in two different forms and many dosages. Since each person is different you should first consult your doctor and they will run some tests and check a lot of data in order to determine the right form and the right dosage for you. You should never adjust the dosage on your own or take more than allowed for these actions might lead to some undesired consequences. So, follow the advice from your doctor and all will be fine. Tramadol is an excellent medication and, when used properly, it can only help you overcome the pain.